January 12, 2019


I recently began mingling with Pinterest.  I know, I know..... Bless me Father, for I have sinned; I showed up way too late to the party.  Well, not long after walking through the door, I ended up coming down with an acute case of, ahem...... pinning diarrhea.  There, I said it.  I've been pinning away to beat the band.  The repercussions haven't been too stinky, though. (wink)

Now, I realize that most of you have since moseyed over to Instagram.  I'm not invited because I don't use a cell phone.  Snobs.  I'm sure everyone over there has been squeezing and packing themselves through the door seeking to land a spot in the VIP section.  Whatever.  I feel as if I've got this venue to myself, though occasionally face little messes some folks have left behind.

It seems that others have suffered far worse from this "virus" than my experience, and have pinned all over the place without any consideration to others... or their own reputation.  There are so many pins that just don't link back to an original source.  Ugh!  Who wants to have to do a prolonged "sniff test" to figure out where it actually came from?  If I can't find the original source to an image, I generally won't pin it unless I really, really, really, really like it or feel the absolute need to save it as a visual reference.

Anyway, just for a little visual fun, I thought I'd showcase six of my current favorite pins.  They make me smile and have enticed me into some form of crafting mode.
So, here I am, like a wallflower who takes to the dance floor after everyone has left, except for a few stragglers and the janitor methodically sweeping up the pin-fetti.  And, I realize that I can play any song I want, dance in any manner that I choose and take my sweet time because the lights aren't flickering, prompting me to exit.  The party is all mine.

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