January 5, 2019


Hello folks,

This post does not contain any crafty or garden related content, but a little secret and a BIG request.

First, the secret - I am one of those who experience ASMR, and have done so since I was a very little girl.  Not familiar with ASMR?  Click this link to familiarize yourself with this strange, sleepy, tingling sensation that many folks are "blessed" with experiencing.  My sister also carries the "gene", yet none of my other family members do.  Perhaps my daughter does in the most particular of circumstances.

When I was a little girl, and when my mother took me to the library, I'd go weak in the knees and my brain would turn to "jello" upon listening to the crinkling sounds of the cellophane book jacket cover as the library desk clerk checked out the books.  I would get an instant rush of tingles that poured from my head down thru my spine and wanted to just put my head on the counter and fall asleep.  I also experience this very sensation when observing a woman with long fingernails quietly plucking a keyboard or "accidentally" clicking her nails on a Formica countertop.

At this point into reading this post, I'm sure some of you are saying, "Aha", and some of you are scratching your head in bewilderment.  For those of you that "don't get it", I understand and take no offense.  It's one of those bizarre phenomenons in that, you either get it, or you don't.

A few years ago it was brought to my attention the YouTube videos created to mimic various real life ASMR scenarios.  Of course, I investigated and was instantly intrigued.  Nothing beats accidental, real life "triggers", but I do find many of these videos quite soothing, and some simply entertaining.  Though, there are MANY that I find quite disturbing and offensive.

Of the ones that entertain me,  my most cherished is "SassEsnacks", whose videos have validated my love for food!  And eating!

"Sasse", as she is known by the ASMR community, has not been posting her "delicious" videos lately, as she was diagnosed with advanced stage pancreatic cancer in late November.  She is currently being treated in the home state of her lovely, lovely sister, Jane, who is at her side and her advocate 24-7.

So.... my BIG request is that you would find it in your heart to help me help them.  Here's the link to SassE's GoFundMe page.   Please visit it, make a donation, or at the very least, spread the word!  Also, there's a fabulous international cookbook which you can purchase on Amazon; all the proceeds during the month of January will go to help SassE out.  I purchased two, one for my son, and one for myself.  I've also made a few monetary donations via Paypal throughout the holiday season.

Please do help out.  Make a donation, spread the word, purchase a cookbook, and/or put SassE on your prayer list.

God Bless,

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