January 1, 2018


Hello, and Happy New Year!

I just couldn't bite my tongue with regard to writing this post.  So be it, I'm commencing 2018 venting atop my imaginary little soapbox.

While delighting in viewing some blog entries over the past few days, I noticed that quite a few folks disassemble their Christmas decor on December 26, or just shortly after.  I'm quite dumbfounded, to say the least.  Of course, many people enjoy this holiday without a religious attachment...... but really, what is the rush to pack all those baubles away?  It's an "on to the next thing" mentality.  What's up with that?  Please don't tell me you put up your Christmas decor before Thanksgiving and that you're just so over it and sick of it.  Oy!

For those who do acknowledge "Christ" in Christmas...... hello!, Advent (western liturgical year)begins on the Sunday following Thanksgiving.  Then there's Christmas week (beginning Christmas Day), and the Epiphany, or Feast of the Three Kings, which usually falls on January 6 and concludes the Christmas season. 

Now, I understand that some of these dates vary according to where you live on the map, and this is in no way an invitation to argue or discuss topics about paganism.  But, perhaps, slowing down, taking time to be in the moment and enjoying the time at hand is not such a bad way to ring in the New Year.

Okay, I'm stepping off my little imaginary soapbox now.

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  1. Linda, I couldn't agree more. I am enjoying my (faux) tree and love it so much during these early dusk winter months that I have pondered the idea of turning it into a Valentine tree after Epiphany...

    1. Happy New Year, Gail! Yes, now that the festivities have quieted down, it's such a pleasurable time to simply enjoy the efforts of our decorative holiday handiwork. I gave up fresh cut trees years ago, so just like your tree, my faux tree looks just as perky as when I put it up.
      And, the time for spreading a little Valentine cheer around the home will come soon enough.

  2. I also have a portable soapbox that pops up occasionally. I believe that where we see this happening is on blogs we follow. The people who run the blog are definitely on to the next thing, because now it's time to decorate for spring way before spring arrives. This is what they thrive on. Look at what I've done, says their cameras. What we see are the good parts. The next room may be chaos, like a dead Christmas tree dropping it's needles all over the place. But, the blogger is at the helm and takes those photos earlier and earlier each year, because they have to go through no less that three changes before that season ends. I blog, but I'm not a "lifestyle" blogger so I'm not showing off my decorating. When they run out of that, they do a tablescape. nothing sacred?

    1. Yes, that is true with regard to the scheduled agenda of "lifestyle" bloggers. God bless 'em! Like you, I simply blog, and am delighted that some folks appreciate what I share.


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