October 17, 2017


The delightful October temperatures where I visited Italy were identical to that of my hometown.  No guessing games with packing, and no adjustments my body had to make in order to be comfortable.  To clarify, I'm speaking in fahrenheit dialect.  I left New York's temperatures of the upper 60s to low 70s, and was granted the same throughout my stay.  The exception was the Dolomites, in the northernmost region of Italy, where which we were greeted with temperatures in the mid 50s.  Not bad, nothing that a turtleneck, light wool jacket and a pair of gloves couldn't provide one comfort with.

On our way up to the Dolomites, we first stopped at a little gem of a restaurant, Tobia De Cuck.  Talk about pure, home cooked deliciousness.  Monica, the restaurant owner, and her daughter were front of house, and welcomed us warmly.  The hearty vegetable soup was to die for.  And, if you, like me, thought you never did care for apple strudel, Monica's strudel would change your mind.  Really.

Not long after, we arrived at Moserhof, our two night bed and breakfast destination, where I fell in love with the decorative touches of red gingham pattern fabric.  Perhaps it was the rich quality and thread count of the fabric, yet with the humble look and comfort of one's grandmother's well cared for linens that stole my heart.  I failed to ask my "photographer" to capture some photos of the fabric; however, you can get a glimpse of it by visiting the inn's website.  An early morning stroll around the grounds gifted me an earful of clucking chickens and mooing cows from the barn located below the inn.

Now, aren't the Dolomites and Lake Braies(or Prags if you speak German) impressive?  I think so.  Dolomite-y impressive.

The following day we tooled around a bit more, taking advantage of access to some moderate impact hiking areas.

And, though not on our itinerary, Austria was just a stone's throw away; we crossed the "border" just for amusement's sake.

Allora........ stay tuned for a most well planned Tuscan experience and where I laid my head to rest for four fabulous nights.



  1. che piacere sapere che ami l'Italia!
    conosco bene i luoghi in cui sei stata e condivido il tuo entusiasmo!
    un abbraccio e... ciao!

    1. Sono stato benissimo e voglio visitare di nuovo l'italia.


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