June 18, 2017


First of all..... Happy Father's Day to all you dads out there!

My dad passed away many years ago, but my living in a house that he built does keep me connected to him in a daily sort of way.  Though he didn't have a fondness for gardening or yard work, he did appreciate handcrafted objects, as he was a craftsman, himself.  My dad whittled this little creation from a wooden dowel.
linda nelson at the createaerie
©Linda Nelson 2017
He would often do this when he came home from work while waiting for dinner to be ready.  My mom has a whole collection of things he whittled over the years.

I have about another week or two of a demanding work schedule, and then I'll be able to come up for air...... sort of.  Next, will be catching up in my own yard and home.  I've yet to vacuum and dust May's delivery of pollen, and many areas in my yard need some serious tending to.  However, this spot, which I get to view every time I pull into the driveway, is looking to my satisfaction.
linda nelson at the createaerie
©Linda Nelson 2017
My front yard is currently awash in yellow blooms, but, in no time, other flowering plants will come into play and become an orchestra of color.  Yay!
linda nelson at the createaerie
©Linda Nelson 2017

lindan elson at the createarie
©Linda Nelson 2017
This shell is yet another treasure my daughter schlepped from California to give permanent residence to at my home.  I love it!  And, there's no potted sedum that ever disappoints me.  At the end of the season when I empty and store all of my glazed pottery, I simply pop the sedum into the ground, then repot it the following spring.
linda nelson at the createaerie
©Linda Nelson 2017
Well, it certainly felt good to steal a moment to post a little something.  I do miss being connected with all the home decor, crafty and garden bloggers out there.

Enjoy this gorgeous day!


  1. Hello Linda and look forward to seeing you again soon.

    1. Thank you, Joy. I miss all the blogging interaction and look forward to stepping back into it.


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