April 28, 2017


April has all but come and gone, and I have done nothing other than eat, sleep and breathe everything related to gardening.  It's a very critical period during my work season, and when I'm not tending to my clients' gardens, I'm tending my own.  It's been well over a month since I've posted anything or visited any blogs for reading pleasure.  No linky parties, no Google+ scrolling........ nada.  However, I managed to muster just enough energy to post four photos.

Here's a new addition to my garden tchotchkes.  This little guy drove all the way across the states from California.  He used to live with my daughter.  Now he lives with me.  I hope his creepy little smirk scares the rabbits out of my vegetable garden.
©Linda Nelson 2017
Doronicum is in full bloom.  A cheery little plant, no?
©Linda Nelson 2017
I'm not one for cooking, let alone making leek soup.  But, I sure do love growing leeks for their pom-pom-ish flowers.  I should have a nice crop by June.
©Linda Nelson 2017

And, last but not least, these hostas are ones that my mom planted before I was born.  They're not exactly what I'd seek out to purchase; it's their sentimental value that permits them in my garden.
©Linda Nelson 2017
Now it's time for bed, and for dreaming about weeding, planting and pruning.


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