January 26, 2017


I give much credit to all of you motivated home improvement DIYers, because there is nothing I loathe more than those types of projects.  I can garden and craft until the cows come home, and often do; but, put me in a situation where my home is in disarray, and I am one miserable crab apple.  And, that has been the status "at the createaerie" for the past few weeks.

One of the bedrooms in my house has been long overdue for a facelift, and I made a commitment to myself to tackle the job before my work season resumes in the spring.  When completed, it will serve as a guest room I can feel comfortable to offer to overnight visitors.  The contents of this room are currently in my bedroom; therefore, I've been sleeping on the couch.  The dismantled bed is in the living room, as there's no other "convenient" spot to stash it.

Now, one would wonder why a small, spare bedroom overhaul would take this long.  Well, after I cleared the room, I spent a few days wallowing in misery because my normally tidy home was no longer so.  Then I spent a few days in avoidance anxiety and procrastination mode.  To alleviate those feelings, I decided to vacuum my basement, organize my garage and make some crafty things.  Oh, and all of a sudden, I had lots of errands to run.  Then I found myself absorbed in reading other people's blogs.  Blogs about pretty and fabulous room re-dos.  Go figure.

Then three days ago, I finally bit the bullet and got started on what I should have been doing about two weeks ago.  I was going strong the first two days; I cleaned all the surfaces, spackled, and began sanding.  Today, I had a slip up.  Somehow, I had more errands to run, and then I needed to take a nap; therefore, I didn't get back on track until about four o'clock this afternoon.  I managed to get some more sanding done, but then I thought it might be best that I write this post.  And, soon it will be time for dinner.

I crafted some darling little Valentine's Day decorations to share with you.  Sadly, though, I have no spot in which to photograph them because this crab apple's home is in such disarray.   To top it off, after I tackle this room, I'm taking on my home office.

Is this not the most sorry-a$$ed-pathetic post you've ever read?

Yes, I know there's a light at the end of this tunnel, I'm just not seeing it yet.  When I do, when these beastly battles are fought and won, and when I turn back into my chipper self, I look forward to sharing with you the reward of my efforts.

Until then..........


  1. LOL!!! Good luck with the renovation. I look forward to getting a peek at those Valentines :)

    1. Thanks, Gail. I'm getting there, crabbily, but surely.

  2. Yeah...we are all a little pathetic at one time or another. Keep moving forward with something, and that time you take isn't really wasted. It's just a bit displaced. Hang in there. Your inspiration and energy will come.

  3. Cleaning my garage studio has been the same...but it has been 3 months of procrastination...the vehicle is not in and that has been the goal. Told my husband today I am changing the strategy...the goal is to get 5 bags boxes of stuff to take to give away...hopefully that will spurn a continued work weekend.... 2 filled...3 to go....

    1. Changing up or taking a different strategy is a good idea. I'm just accepting the fact that painting is the most torturous task for me. After this, everything else will feel like a day at the park!


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