April 8, 2016


Marion Cunningham(Marion Ross), affectionately known as "Mrs. C", played mom to Richie(Ron Howard) and Joanie(Erin Moran) on Happy Days, an American television sitcom that aired from 1974 to 1984.

Well, today's post is not about her, but it is about a Marion and a happy day.  Her name is East Marion, and she resides on the eastern upper fork tip of Long Island, NY.  She is a quaint and sleepy little village sandwiched between the Long Island Sound, Great Peconic Bay, and the Atlantic Ocean. She's a must to visit place, whether driving out to, or ferrying over to from Connecticut.  It's a lazy days of summer sweet spot.

I had the pleasure of driving out there a few days ago to enjoy a very special birthday gift I received from my sister earlier in the year.  I scheduled this blissful day at the very tail end of my winter slumber.  My hectic gardening season has arrived, and I won't be stealing any pampering moments for quite some time.
©Linda Nelson 2016
I had a delightful, spoiling spa treatment at Quintessentials Bed & Breakfast and Spa.  Innkeeper Sylvia Daley is a real sweetie.  When I arrived, awaiting me on the coffee table in the front parlor was a place setting, lemon water, strawberries and some chocolates.  Sylvia then served me hot tea and her home cooked dish of sliced chicken over a bed of lettuce topped with mango salsa and roasted curry potatoes.  After I finished my lunch, she escorted me to a little room and got to work on my facial - a one hour steam, massage, “mummy” mask and facial potion treatment.  After that, I had a one hour massage, followed by an exfoliating body scrub.  I was then wrapped up into a cellophane cocoon and left to snooze while the treatment did its magic.  She unwrapped me, and lo and behold, I had butterfly wings.  Just kidding.  I showered off, got dressed and felt like a million bucks.

This Inn is "quaintessential" as well.  Sylvia gave me a sneak peak at the grounds, though at this time of year they have not yet awaken from winter hibernation.  I can't imagine how lovely the garden beds must look in the summer - a perfect wedding day setting, perhaps?

So, if you happen to be traveling in this direction one day, or if you local folks need a little "staycation", be sure to say "hello" to East Marion.  And, Sylvia, too.


  1. Dear Linda, it was a pleasure meeting you and spoiling/pampering you for a few hours at Quintessentials Spa. You are a beautiful flower for any garden. Thank you for coming to East Marion and sharing time with me.

  2. Ooooh pampering, sounds like had a divine weekend.

  3. I want a new post! Stop playing in the dirt lady and write me something! Haha.


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