March 28, 2016


I spent some time on the west coast recently, and though I've physically returned, I mentally have not.  The city of Pacific Palisades, California, epitomizes a picture perfect climate this time of year; it's addictive.  Don't get me wrong, I love winter on the east coast and the icebox temperatures it delivers, but there's just something about the west coast......

like super-sized pinecones.........
©Linda Nelson 2016
picking Meyer lemons right from a backyard tree.......
©Linda Nelson 2016
and plucking offshoots from an overgrown aloe shrub.
©Linda Nelson 2016
These were the little treasures I stuffed inside my luggage for the flight back home.

This year's trip was not like any other; no botanical garden visits, no poking around in hip thrift shops, no national parks, nor sightseeing of any kind.  No, this visit was a total landscaping labor of love.  My daughter and her husband recently moved into a sweet, but long neglected little cottage abode.  The extent of our excursions were to local hardware stores and garden centers, and a few trips to Home Depot.  My days commenced around 5:30 AM, and after some garden plan contemplation and a few cups of coffee, I was digging, planting, pruning and grooming until dark.  Though three thousand miles away from home, I was completely in my element.  The cottage's previous occupant left behind an assortment of potted plants which I instinctively reincorporated into the revamping project.
©Linda Nelson 2016
There's still quite the punch list of exterior structural tasks to accomplish.  But for now, this little diamond in the rough is a place my daughter and her husband can call home, complete with potted vegetables and herbs this duo can make use of with all of their fabulous home cooking skills.

The project manager in residence was satisfied with all the laborious efforts that took place.
Photo Courtesy of My Daughter
On another note, I was the winner of one of Debbie Bosworth's recent giveaways, and received this fabulous book just the other day.  Yay!  Be sure to check out her lovely site; it's packed with garden loving inspiration of the finest kind.  And, this book is all the buzz!
©Linda Nelson 2016

Happy Spring!


  1. Love the "project manager" and garden pot arrangement!

  2. Happy Mother's Day, Mother!


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