February 8, 2016


I enjoy sewing craft projects, and even more so when they are simple to do, as are these adorable fabric owls.
linda nelson at the createaerie
©Linda Nelson 2016

I bookmarked this pictorial post a few years ago and finally revisited the site this past weekend to give the project a try.  They're so much fun and so ridiculously easy to make.   The one pictured above is a baby boy gift.  I omitted using buttons for eyes; instead, I securely sewed on felt eyes that cute and curious little hands won't be able to pull off.  I also made my template quite a bit larger than the one in the tutorial; the finished size of this owl is nine inches tall and about six inches in diameter at its base.
linda nelson at the createaerie
©Linda Nelson 2016
My template for this pair of owls is slightly larger than the one in the tutorial, and they stand five inches tall and three and one half inches at their base.

I added something to my owls that the tutorial owls lack - rocks!  Yes, just prior to cinching up the base I nestled a weighty round rock into the stuffing.  That added feature helps make the owls bottom heavy so that they "sit" nicely.

"Why the Sharpie pen?", you ask?  Well, aside from the brown fabric breast area, that owl is made with artists canvas cloth, which is very easy to write upon with a marker pen.  Make one just like it the next time you host a gathering and have guests sign their name somewhere on the canvas surface.  This way you can have a sweet little keepsake to remember "hoo" came to your party.

There you have it.

Now, get creative.

Hoot, hoot.


  1. Sweet...I have loved owls ever since one flew into a telephone pole in our yard and lay dazed at the base. Poor Professor Wisdom. He started it all....Love your idea to have guests sign one at a party... You never fail to inspire me...

  2. Thanks, Brooke. I recall coming face to face with the cutest little screech owl perched in a tree that bordered my yard. What a visual treat! I hope you make some of these owls, too.


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