October 7, 2014


I often play with watercolor paper, but seldom for just painting a picture.  No, I like tearing it up and soaking it in water, then scrunching it up into a ball.  And that's exactly what I am instructing you to do in this tutorial.

©Linda Nelson 2014
This little paper pillow was made using my tear, soak and scrunch technique.  To make one of your own, cut out (2) five-inch squares of 140# watercolor paper and hand tear about 1/4 inch off all sides(that's how you make the deckle-like edge).  Next, soak the squares in water for about 30 seconds.  Gently crumple up each square, then un-crumple it.
©Linda Nelson 2014
Repeat this process a couple of times until a desired wrinkle effect is obtained.  Set the squares aside to dry.  Alternatively, set the oven to 170°F, place the squares on a cookie sheet and dry them for about twenty minutes.

Decorate and/or embellish one square however you wish.  I chose to do some free-hand doodling with a Sharpie pen and some watercolor pencils.
©Linda Nelson 2014
Run a line of tacky glue on three sides of one square roughly 1/4 inch from the edge, then press the other square on top.  Your pillow is now ready to fill up with whatever tickles your fancy.  I stuffed the lavender pillow with dried lavender infused with a few drops of lavender oil.  My oak leaf pillow is just stuffed with shredded paper.  Candy corn filling is perfect for Halloween.  Perhaps you'd like to forego the typical Christmas dinner party snappers and have your guests tear open confection-filled paper pillows instead.  The ideas are endless.  I just think they make darling, handmade table setting favors.

When you're done stuffing your pillow simply run a line of glue along the last edge, then press the opening shut.  You may elect to stitch your pillow with a sewing machine instead of glueing your masterpiece together.  I chose glue, but I also hand stitched the border with wire to give my pillows a slightly primitive look.

There you have it.

Now, get creative.


  1. mi piace moltissimo: ti ruberò l'idea (anche se non sono brava come te a disegnare!)


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