September 7, 2014


There's picture posts abound right now of dahlias in their glory.  After all, this is their time to reign, and what a show these tuberous beauties provide.  I still see the beauty in this dahlia bloom despite its withered appearance.  I see romance. Something ruffled, not crumpled.  Vintage.  Antique.   And what an exquisite color palette this photo provides to be inspired by, don't you think?  I'm enjoying lots of windowsill bud vases as much as possible before the hard frost makes its visit to the east coast.
©Linda Nelson 2014
Another garden icon of late summer is the beloved sunflower.   This one's towering face looking down upon me is almost confrontational and surreal in nature.  I was face to face with the one pictured below it; hence, the feeling I got was totally different.  Is that not just the happiest face you've ever seen?

©Linda Nelson 2014
©Linda Nelson 2014
Next year I may grow and extra crop of carrots just to let them go to flower, as I love these delicate, lacy darlings.  They last very well as a cut flower and have a slightly stronger stature than their relative, Queen Anne's Lace.
©Linda Nelson 2014
It is the commencement of my favorite season of the year.  The still and snowy days of winter comes in second, though I'm in no rush for that quite yet.  The squirrels are shaking off acorns from the oak trees like mad.  Bright and colorful dahlias are a plenty.   Sunflowers are still smiling.  Evenings are cool and make for comfortable sleeping.  The days are shorter, signaling me to ease up on outdoor chores and focus on my home's interior.  The cricket orchestra is providing free evening music.  Pumpkins, gourds and locally grown delicious root crops are coming into season.  It's an absolutely divine time, it is.

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  1. Wonderful and amazing photos! Love love them! Thanks! ♡☆


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