February 21, 2014


©linda nelson 2014
©Linda Nelson 2014

Yesterday was one of those days where I just could not tackle the mundane tasks that were tapping me on the shoulder.  An acute bout of avoidance anxiety?  Probably.  I was fixated on obtaining satisfaction from producing something new, and nothing was going to get in my way.  Nothing.  I knew better than to fight the beast; therefore, I dragged out some materials, then let my head and hands go to town.

Stashed among my fabric I had a worn vintage table linen that I thought needed a new purpose.  Or pieces of it did, and I happened to be in a painting AND sewing mood.  A mini hanging pillow would be an easy and satisfying thing to make.  I'd spritz it with my favorite perfume, then hang it on my bedroom doorknob.   I happily made two of them.

I not only ousted the beast, but concocted a linen color wash technique, too, which I'm happy to share with you -

  • Thoroughly dissolve 1 Tbs. acrylic paint in 1 of cup water in a small tray or bowl.  Submerge the white table linen fabric in the solution for 30 seconds or so, then squeeze out excess moisture.  Repeat step one more time.  Next, submerge fabric into a small bowl filled with white vinegar for a few seconds.  Thoroughly rinse fabric under faucet, then squeeze out excess water.  Place in dryer (high heat) until dry.  Press with iron.  Now, get creative.
* The paint color choice(s) is totally up to you, but adding a small drop of black paint to your mixture produces a "dingy vintage" look, which I actually prefer.

* This is suitable for small pieces, no bigger than a fabric dinner napkin.  Multiply the ratio and increase your bowl/tray size for larger pieces -

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